Why Buy Memphis investment Real estate? Reason #3: Cash Flow and Taxation

1307699347_piggy_bankMemphis Real Estate Investment is about creating wealth but so are many other strategies so why pick this one. Well compared with most western nations the USA’s tax system is very foreigner friendly and many of the deuctions lost to smaller nations are alive and well.
Consider the following:

  • Graduated marginal tax rates means very little tax if any to pay until you have a huge portfolio.
  • Straight line depreciation on almost entire purchase price due to land values being so low.
  • All associated ownership costs fully tax deductible.
  • TAX CREDITS once you do pay tax pass through to your country of origin.
  • Chattel depreciation at accelerated rates.

So what all this means is you can have positive cash flow, genuine money in your jeans every week pretax AND have a loss on paper so no tax to pay.

There are not many countries left where this is possible. Memphis investment property offers some of the highest yields in the USA with huge tax benefits. No wonder billions of dollars are pouring in to our market. Isn;t it time you joined other smart investors and let memphisinvestment.com help you get started?