Why Buy in the USA


Why Invest in the USA?

The USA real estate market is unique in that their fiscal policies mean that housing losses are absorbed by the government and banks, NOT the individual owner.

This has created a unique opportunity currently to purchase performing real estate for far below replacement cost.  Right now this means as little as $25,000 can secure a higher return than any comparable asset class.

Compared to New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Asia and most of Europe, this market offers some of the best “rent-to-values”ratios in a safe and stable country.

Whilst the recession is affecting everybody and has certainly impacted values in the USA, rental demand is strong, rents in fact haven’t dropped at all creating genuine net returns of 10, 15 and even 20% achievable.

The US tax position is efficient and straight forward and investing now gives you a very high probability of a currency gain when the US dollar recovers.

Finally with a little help from us you  can obtain finance to assist with purchasing your investments and completely freehold them in under ten years.

So the real question is “When can I start investing in the best property market in the world?” And the answer is right now!