S.B. Louisiana

October 28, 2013

“I wanted to invest in property and in 2004 decided it was time to start. I was time poor and somewhat risk averse so made a very tentative start in Memphis, attracted by the low cost and therefore low risk. What a ride it has been. We now have 30 rental properties and I wouldn’t invest anywhere else now. I bought many of my properties in the boom and am still very happy but the buying prices now make my eyes water. If you are looking for cash flow this is the place and TPI is the company!!”


M.D. Milan

“I now have three investment properties in Memphis and have been pleasantly surprised at the passive nature of this investment. The returns are consistent and I am yet to have any problems the TPI team can’t quickly remedy. I recommend them unreservedly.”


K.G. Atlanta

“Wow this was the easiest real estate buying exercise I have ever had. No lies, amazing property and the money just keeps on coming. You guys are simply awesome.”


D and K Auck

“We had heard all the horror stories of US investment and so when we heard Dean speaking about it we were very cynical. However after meeting Craig and the MIP team we decided to rethink our philosophy and as we could actually afford to buy a property in Memphis thanks to the private lending we took the plunge. Our first property was rented for $50 a month more than quoted and this has proven to be the best investment we have ever made. Getting US dollars in our account every month and knowing we are paying off the loan in 5 years is just awesome. Thanks Dean and Craig, you have restored our faith in human nature and changed our lives.”