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Investing, as opposed to speculating, is all about trying to minimise risk. And that’s what we do for you.

It would take a whole book to explain what can go wrong and what certain unscrupulous operators have done to people but let’s just say it’s a big old world out there with lots of people who can’t be trusted.

Even with our investing background and local experience we got disadvantaged many times until we set up our own systems and took control of everything. And that’s what we offer you. Safety, honesty and a genuine opportunity to invest in the USA

We invest in Memphis ourselves and use the same property managers, banking staff, tax advisors and tradesmen as you on a long-term basis. The USA is not a do it yourself market. Do it with us and minimise the downside!

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Property Management

Management is the key to investment success long term. We have worked with a number of companies in Memphis and even looked at setting up ourselves. Ultimately we employed people with huge expertise in management and got them to supervise the managers we use. It took a number of years to get this right but we now have a very good relationship with 2 companies and we micro manage them for your benefit.

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Quality Control

In 2 areas QC is important. First and most importantly location is critical. We freely admit that in our earlier years we were entirely reliant on third party expertise for location and to be honest, we got stitched up more than once.

Now that we have Chuck running things we have our own eyes and ears and instant on the ground verification on any street and location so we have zero issues any more. Managing the quality of location is critical. And we do it for you. You will never, ever buy a low or middle C home from us in an area that we consider risky. We would rather talk you out of doing anything than see you buy a

Lemon side

The second aspect of quality is with renovating homes.

It is easy to over capitalise in Memphis and easier still to spend money for no return. So we check all our homes after we close on them and do everything that needs doing to a high standard. But we don’t do things that will make the house look better in pictures just to get you to buy it. We have one gaol as a company. To put properties into your hands with as much equity as possible. That’s it. So we won’t charge you more for a property to make it look pretty. We spend what needs to be spent to maximise your returns and minimise any ongoing maintenance issues

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In the last 3 years Memphis has been like 3 different cities as the market changed. We walk around the streets and talk to industry people in Memphis every day so we can tell you when a shift is coming and what to buy when. You NEED this expertise to stay safe.

For example homes we sold in 2010 have significantly increased in value. But we wouldn’t sell those homes now to you because those areas have had their lift. Our inventory will always reflect good value and the “right place at the right time”.

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It’s a bold statement but we are yet to be challenged on it. We are the lowest cost provider of investment homes in Memphis. Our clients consistently see houses on the same street from our competitors for 15 to $20,000 more than our prices.

You see we work on a minimum margin model to leave you the equity and allow you to keep buying. So go elsewhere you WILL PAY TOO MUCH, it’s as simple as that.

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Background Services

We have set people up on every continent pretty much now and our skill in keeping you safe from tax issues and unnecessary cost gouging is unparalleled.

We can assist with

  • Property Management
  • Title & Escrow Services
  • Property Insurance
  • US Bank Accounts
  • Foreign Currency Conversion
  • USA Tax Accountant
  • LLC Establishment
  • Bank accounts
  • Credit building
  • Portfolio development

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We are professional investors originally from New Zealand who have spent a huge amount of time and money to figure out the US market. After investing in many cities we settled on Memphis because it is safe, cheap and manageable.

We do nothing else but help off shore investors invest safely.

We have happy clients in New Zealand, Australia, England, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, the Netherlands and Hong Kong.

We know what we are doing and we are both the best and lowest cost provider in the city.

If you are looking for an established long term partner with on the ground support in the USA then choose Memphis Investment – you’ll be glad you did.

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