About Memphis Investment

Memphis Real Estate Market

MemphisInvestment.com does one thing, help people around the world invest in the Memphis real estate market.

We are a New Zealand based business with offices in NZ and Memphis and our focus is on supplying good quality investment homes with plenty of equity and high returns.

We have been involved in other markets but eventually picked Memphis as “the” place in the USA for investment.

We source all our own homes so we have no surprises about rehab quality and values and we work closely with our property managers to ensure maximum returns and minimum hassles.

Our focus is almost exclusively on non resident investing as we have a wealth of knowledge on setting up foreigners, dealing with tax, banking and the myriad of other things that a non American doesn’t know they need to do.

We are entering our fourth year of assisting clients in several countries in this market and of course we are invested in this strategy ourselves.

We provide a very transparent model designed to minimize your entry costs.

In fact we believe we are the highest quality yet lowest cost investment advisers and suppliers in the Memphis market.

We often see our “competitors” selling the same house next door to ours for 20 and even 30% more than our clients pay.

But don’t listen to me, test us out today and see if we aren’t the best people to make your USA investing journey successful